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Jan Grandle

Hi Annie! Really enjoyed your podcast again. I commented last time on beginning to spin and my husband bought me a double treacle Lendrum wheel. I am beyond excited and love seeing the fibers on your podcast. I also enjoy Celestial brand Wild Berry and Raspberry herbal teas. Hope you stay cosy during the upcoming bad weather. Jan


Hi Annie, So enjoy your knit videos. Found on UTube. Can not locate within our Ravelry domain. Any suggestion? "The Knitting Den" with Denise is very nice if you evrr need any assist. Meantime, please be careful with all that "Blizzard" mode. . Keep warm & enjoy your beautiful knitting yarns.


Hi Annie, Such fun to learn of your viewing interests. Since this is definitely "tea weather" I'd like to add our favorites: Twinings Pure Camomile with a dash of raspberry, Bigelows Green Tea with Pomegranate, and recently..Downtown Abbey's "English Rose Tea" ( a splurge!). , Comforting & so soothing to the throat. Makes one count the snowflakes & smile. Keep "knitting"!


Hi, Knittingannie. I'm really enjoying your podcast. You seem so professional and at ease! I'm putting Roobios Tea on my list to purchase. I enjoy Black tea with Vanilla by Numi and Earl Grey tea by Bigelow. It was a balmy 65 degrees in Arkansas today but have been thinking about all of you in the Northeast. Be safe.

Liz Miller

Hi, Annie! I really enjoyed this episode and I thought it was awesome that you found the amazing sockhead hat rock! I'd have picked it up and saved it, too. I love tea, especially herbal blends, and one of my favorites is Licorice Spice by Stash Tea Company. I have a cat named Licorice, so when I saw this tea I had to have it. It's quite tasty and I was enjoying a mug while watching this episode. I also like teas with mint in the blend. Stay safe; by now we all know that you are, indeed, getting pummeled with snow.


I like mint tea that I grow in my garden.


I prefer coffee but my favourite tea is peppermint and thank you for a great interesting podcast

Mel aka Blommekind

Love your podcast, Annie :) heard about it via Sally-Jane, I'm also from South Africa so know rooibos tea very well. My favourite tea & the moment is Rooibos & Buchu

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