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Charlynn Gimenez

Hi Annie,
I just found your podcast this morning and enjoyed all 6 of them today! Episode 6 was the best and really touched me... I didn't want it to end! I loved your easy chat about your animals and spinning... it was as if we were best friends sitting right in your room with you sharing all your wonderful information. You made me really miss my farm and all my animals (horses, goaties and border collies!) and I so loved seeing all your spinning equipment and fibers! There are so few podcasts that include real spinning/processing that it was a joy to watch!
Please start a Ravelry group! I find all the podcasts I watch have groups there and it seems easier to keep all the chatter and contests in one easy location. I added you as a friend there... I hope you don't mind.
Looking forward to seeing many more of your episodes... you are beautiful and feel like a kindred spirit!
Charlynn =)

Michelle Tessier

Hi Annie
I just started watching your podcast and I really enjoyed it. I love all the spinning and very much enjoyed this episode. I always love to see what other people have in their stashed. Lots of great info on the sheep fleeces. Looking forward to more episodes.

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